Friday, October 31, 2008

july 2008

This is my hair in july of 2008...growing in healthy. i was trimming often or there would have been more progress

my hair november of 2007

ignore my hubby in the pic but that is the best length shot of my air in november was very thick and starting to get healthy

my hair july of 2007

this is my hair on july 9, 2007. I was staring to let it grow back out after a shorter tapered look in march of 2007 after a horrible motions perm severely damaged my full SL hair!

Product Review Of the Day

Aussie Moist Conditioner
-great slip
-smells amazing
-great for cowashes
-Good price for the big sizes
-readily available
I use this to cowash with or as a conditioner to add to my prepoo (a treatment done for atleast 30 min or longer to overnight prior to washing your hair with shampoo). I love the smell and the way it makes my hair feel!

Welcome to My Blog

Well I am new to this blogging thing but I am prepared to learn as I go! Its Halloween and I am in the house with no plans at all...not because I had nowhere to go but I wasn't feeling it! I started taking out my micros, they have been in for 2 months. I am annoyed with the shedding but pleased with the growth! I will post pics of my hair when I get my next relaxer next week! I am currently 15 weeks post relaxer!

The above pic is my current protective style back when I first finished them in september!