Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Me

Okay lovies first of all I want to wish you all a SAFE, HAPPY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Please, in whatever you do tonight, be safe!

Today I purchased some grapseed oil and rose water. New year=new products!

But on the real, I have learned a lot this past year! This year has been a rough year for me in many different aspects and I am determined to take control of my life and make 2009 the best year ever! I have a lot that I would like to change in my life and I plan on doing it step by step. I will share a few of my ideas with you all but the rest are so special to me, I feel if I reveal it I may jinx it!

In 2009, I will be the best I can be physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have a great man in my life and I intend on keeping him. He has been my rock through everything life has thrown at us and I love him forever. We have seen 3 New Years together and I plan on seeing many more.

I also plan on becoming healthier. I want to lose 20 pounds and maintain my weight from there. I love my figure and I love my thickness and I am glad I am proportioned well, because people always are shocked I want to lose so much weight, but it is necessary. I love to cook and love food in general and I realize diets are not for me, but I will learn how to maintain my weight with the foods I love.

I plan on continuing to grow my hair, healthy and long and strong. I have a goal of BraStrapLength but I just want to be happy with it! I want to incorporate more natural products into my regimen and so that will further contribute to my love of spending money! LOL

I want to further my education and also look into another job. I loe the one I am at but financially I need more. I have goals in life that I must achieve and whether ya'll wanna believe it or not, MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND...tell em you heard it from me!

All in all I want to live my life to the fullest and take every opportunity that comes my way to enhance the life I lead. LIVE.LEARN.LOVE is my philosophy. My advice to you all is to make the best of your life and continue to just be a better you!


Monday, December 29, 2008

To Braid or Not to Braid

Okay ya'll I love me some braids! They are a very easy style for me and it really helps my hair to grow! I want to re-braid my hair to help me stretch longer but I have a few issues. Help me out please!

-Protective style (ends)
-Keeps heat outta my head
-Affordable, considering I do it myself
-Wash and go

-I like my braids tight and neat, therefore will not help me on my goal of thickening up my edges
-Once the braids are out and I am detangling, there is so much shed hair and I can't tell if it is normal or excessive
-I hate the time it takes to put it in and take it out
-I notice alot of splits afterwards

So what you think!?!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Product Review...its just that goooood I have seen this in my fav Beauty Supply Store (BSS) over and over again. Everytime I see it I pick it up, examine the ingredients, re-examine making sure i didn't bypass mineral oil and petroleum, then I put it down and say "maybe next time." Well Friday, i went to my BSS and decided I had to have it!

For those who know me from BHM, ya'll know I haaaaaaaaaate sealing my hair (after moisturizing hair, one should seal it in with an oil)! Its not that hard to do, ubt most oils make my hair feel heavy and I don't like that. I love for my hair to be light and have a nice swing to it! Well, after trying evoo, castor oil, and doogro...I ran into kemi oyl (which i love and will do a review on another day) and then Friday I bought Jamaican Mango & Lime Island Oil!
~Nice citrus, yet sweet scent
~Nozzle as a top to help control the amount that comes out (easy for when applying to scalp when in braids {not the same top pictured above})
~Doesn't leave my hair greasy or overly shiny
~Good price (3.99-4.99)
~kind of runny (but thats what helps keep it light and makes it perfect)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Product Review

I absolutely love this leave in!

~it smells great
~its lightweight
~it coats the ends well

~so far NONE

How I use it:
~I apply it on freshly washed hair (ends only) after my spray leave ins
~Apply it nightly on my ends (dry hair) then seal with some random oil in my possession!

This D@mn Rinse

WTF. I used Clairols Semi Permanent Rinse Beautiful Collections in Jet Black....and the verdict....


The thing is tho, it isn't because it isn't a good dye/rinse but more so because the color I have on my ends is from a permanent dye! I guess when I am really ready to change the color of my hair, I will get it done professionally again!

I did a great DC last night with Silk Elements Mega Milk Moisture Treatment and ladies, let me tell hair was soft as B-U-T-T-E-R and smelled like Victoria Secret something! I dusted my ends a tad today!

well basically nothing new has happened with my hair, but I have tried to refrain from using my flat iron and so far so good! I am loving my hair, even at almost 8 weeks post!

TTYL lovies

Friday, December 26, 2008

I am dying my hair...

JET BLACK tonight!

I hope my ends take to the color this time!

I am using clairol beautiful collections in jet black! I may sit under a dryer to help speed up the process!

I will def post a pic later!

BTW i am craving pizza like a prego lady craves all things delicious!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

How was your Christmas?

Mine was great! My aunt and cousin was here from Jamaica, and my other cousin (the genius creator of came to visit from New York. All in all, 1/4 of my family (17 people present for dinner today) came together for a GREAT dinner, singing, laughter, prayer, and pure entertainment and merriment!

I got a few gifts, but being with everyoe made today really special! Now, I will wait for New Years to arrive! I'm soooo ready for 2009!

*My new piercing is doing great! Today it was pretty itchy but a in al things are good! My hair is doing well and I am pleased with the growth! Stay tuned for a product review!

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas lovies, i hope you have a great day!

I wrote a whole long post and it got deleted! I don't have time to redo it all! I'm making lasagna and macn cheese to bring to my gramma's house for dinner

I will post pics of my holiday hair later

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's officially Christmas Eve ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so not ready for Christmas this year but I am still semi-excited

I hope all of you lovely ladies and gents have a great holiday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Next Hair Change...Color!

I kinda wanna dye my hair jet black! I love my hair color and its so different, according to most people, but I have an obsession with jet black hair
*Its shinier
*It appears healthier
*It looks sexy in my opinion
*I love the uniformed color

But for some reason I am scared to lose the color I have now, maybe b/c I have no idea how I will achieve it again!
Oh well! I will make a decision by the time I relax my hair again! Any suggestions are welcome!

I did it...Piercing pics

It was practically painless!!!!! I love my new piercing! It was so easy, and I wanted to get my other one done but working with a headset on 8 hours a day is breeding room for infection so i needed a free ear!

This Weather

One day its warm, next day its cold...correction Frreeeeeeeeeeeezing! I have a cold now so I need to sleep more so I can make it through 8 hours at work!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Future Godchild!

Today I had a busy schedule! I had a doctor appointment for myself at 9 am. I had to get a shot and that was it!

Then I went with my best friend of 20 years for her first ultra sound. She is 13 weeks pregnant and I am super excited. OMG they baby has formed, although still only about 2 inches long, we were able to see the arms and legs and head. Also, the baby was tested for Down syndrome, which thank goodness came up negative! I cannot wait til the next visit when we find out the sex. My best friend is newly married, but her hubby couldn't get off and I couldn't let her go alone! The heartbeat of the baby sealed the deal for me!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

*Chris and Rhi*

*courtesy of
I am soooooooo loving Chris and Rhianna...they make the cutest couple!
Also Rhi's style is so loveable! I am just feeling how unique she is!

TV love

So although a majority of my fav TV shows have taken a hiatus, the usual winter break, one show is still keeping me entertained weekly...

Season 3 of the Bad Girls Club! Please please, if you can watch this show on oxygen or catch up online.....straight up comedy and drama! These girls are a mess but I love em! My fav is tiffany and Kayle, yes the two black girls, but not because they are black!

Tiffany is this cute young lady trying to beccome a better person! She had a hard life and grew up in the "hood" but she has alot of class and is working at staying calm in the madness.

Kayla is the complete opposite. She had a hard life but is so troubled and filled with anger, she lashes out at the smallest thing! B!tch this and b!tch that, spazzing out on strangers, etc. She and Tiff will come to blows me!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Lovely...Beautiful...Stylish....

I know about airbrushing and lots of make-up etc. but I truly believe Kelly Rowland is an underrated beauty!
I am running late for work so i will go further in detail later

Monday, December 15, 2008

Piercings and Tatt Love

Ok ya'll, for those of you that know me personally, you know i love piercings and tatts! I currently have 12 piercings, all of which i love, and 1 tattoo! I want to get atleast 4 more tattoos but all in due time. I want one on my foot, behind my ear, top of back, possibly add more to the one on my back, and one on my hip. I think that would be enough but who knows! I am unsure of what I want to get yet tho so I am waiting!

As for my ear, I will be getting my tragus pierced Friday or Saturday! I have wanted this done for ome time now but just haven't been yet! Well whenever I get the urge to pierce, I do it! For some reason a piercing has always been my way to deal with stress or symbolize a new start. For every piercing I have, other than the 1st ones i got as an infant, it marked a specific time in my life! Other than my tragus, I want possibly my rook and/or snug pierced but I havent decided yet!

Just wanted to share this with ya'll

Sunday, December 14, 2008


So I am totally obsessed with the Blackberry Storm. I bought my baby one for Christmas and it came a few days ago! I love it and I always try to pay with it but that fool got stingy now and tryna act all saddidy about his new found girlfriend! LMAO men!

My hair is doing well! I am applying MT and thinking about continuing using MTG in conjuction with it! I want to be APL by March so I am upping the anty! I am taking these braids out around Christmas so I will post pics of the growth!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Today was a long day! I went to visit my family, then I got my car fixed, then I ran a few errands, came home, napped for an hour, then went to my friend's holiday party!

I had a great time and it relieved my stress! The weekend is over though, back to work tomorrow!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Someone placed a curse on me...

I am so sure of it....This has been the worst week, damnit the worst year ever! Things just cannot go right. The minute things brighten up, something happens to bring me back down! I am so over 2008 and honestly I can't wait til 2009 comes around.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weekend is here

Ok...I am washing my braids tonight because my scalp is on fire and has lots of buildup!

My squeem came today but I was at work, so tomorrow I will be home for the delivery of my new BFF! I will post pics!

What are your plans for the weekend? So far I have a meeting tomorrow with my BFs lawyer and a holiday party on Saturday!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


*Hair Growth*
So my braids have been in for almost a week and already its loosening up! I used MTG for the first 4 days and now I am using the Mega Tek (I got it yesterday)! OMG it smells like coconuts and I love it! For now I am using it on my edges and short spot on the right, but tomorrow night I will wash my hair with diluted clarifying shampoo and DC and then I will start using MT all over!

*Personal Growth*
My dad and I are not the closest we should be! It bothers me for the most part, but honestlynot as much as it should. My father was always in the picture, not physically but I could call if I needed to, etc. He has made many mistakes as a father and has handled critical situations poorly, and for that he has permanently scarred our relationship! I love him but I resent him. I want our relationship to be better, but at the same time I kind of wish I could just sever the ties and grow as a woman without dealing with him!
Anyway, today after a convo with a close friends of his, I was given insight on certain things about my father, that I suppose the person thought would make me see things clearer. Well, instead it gave me more reason to just feel sorry for him! I feel sad that he missed out on so many important parts of my life, and I feel sorry for him that he will neer be able to make up for it! I think once we get a chance to sit down and discuss everything and put everything on the table, we can become closer! Who knows....maybe one day

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Do you guys believe in karma?

"The philosophical explanation of karma can differ slightly between traditions, but the general concept is basically the same. Through the law of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one's own life, and the pain and joy it brings to him/her and others. The results or 'fruits' of actions are called karma-phala. In religions that incorporate reincarnation, karma extends through one's present life and all past and future lives as well." (wikipedia)

I believe in karma to a certain extent, but I have a hard time fathoming that this string of bad luck i have hit in my life is due to, or equal to, the amount of bad I may have done in my life! Sometimes, I believe more in the idea that "Life isn't fair"

More than all of that, I believe God has a plan for me! I will continue to pray and have faith that things will get better!

Have a Blessed day Lovies

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Braids

It only took a few hours! I did like 4 rows of individuals in the back the small rows of cornrows the rest of the way so i coud wear it in a high pony like in the pics!

My PJ Pleasure-filled weekend

Clinique 7 day scrub
I love it so far! Instant softness!
my lips with the clinique gloss (no flash)

my lips with the gloss with flash

The $14 dollar gloss in "Bamboo Pink." I put it on in the store and fell in love! It is sticky, but coats well and has great shine and subtle color, which works well with my complexion!

The 3-step system! I am a #3. I got it on sale for $59 from Macys and it not only omes with the full size product, but also a travel kit size and I got the 7 day scrub for free (normally $17.50) with the purchase!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

WTF Keyshia suicide

OMG as soon as pics post of her performance last night at the De La Hoya fight (he got his ass handed to him), I will post them!

***ETA **********

Her hair looked like wild and crazy and matted and cheap and just WTF

Her outfit was a whole 'nother story, and all in all I wanted to slap her and her stylist and whoever booked her for this BS fight....

Goodnight babes!

Grrrr Freaking Life

So my laptop has been acting dunb all week, hence only a few posts!

My baby got to working and fixed it for me yesterday, which I must say was the worst Friday i have had in a very long time. Ok, so I am being dramatic, it wasn't that bad but it just didn't go as planned.

I took off work on thurday to do my hair, so that friday and saturday (my days off) would be free. Last week I noticed my rear brake was making a weird noise, and I don't play with car issues, so I scheduled my appointment at the dealership for and oil change and for them to inspect the brakes. I waited and waited and when they were done, they told me I needed new brake pad and rotor, etc and the grand total would be a whopping $435.00! Face froze, mouth dropped, brain started racking! I left and went to the place I get my tires changed, b/c my dealership is entirely too expensive, and they said they could fix it in about 2 hours for $250. I didn't wanna part with the dollars but oh well! I have to look out for my safety.

While I waited I went to lunch with my hubster and my bestie! We talked had a good laugh and things were starting to look up. Then we went to pick up my car and I thought the day was over!

Suddenly I remembered I needed to go to philly and pick up my honey's eye meds and get something from my dad. Now, let me expain something...I loe my dad but our relationship is not the best! The trust isn't there, the feeling of unconditional love one should have for a parent isn't as unconditional as it should me, and his side of the family are people that I know of but don't particularly care for.

When I got to his mother's house, I don't cal her grandma, he wasn't there. We went inside and chatted briefly but the ackward silence was there. Then instead of my dad showing up his brother came to drop off what I was getting. After he gave me the pretentious hug and kiss, he proceeded to say his usual, that I only stop by for something from my dad but never to visit! Normally I ginore him and let his slick talking slide but today i was working on less than 2 hours of sleep and I was pre-pmsing and just not in the mood, so we got into it and he huffed off and I just left. I live 45 minutes away from them, they were in my life when I was born til about age 5 then not again til I was like 14-16ish. I harbor alot of resentment towards them and most ties I fake like I like them and don't half the things I know but yesterday, I had to set him straight! Oh well, I'm usually not argumenttative with family but I don't really consider him family and he desered it. As soon as my baby and I left, got in the car, he said "baby, i knew that was coming."

So now that is over, and I feel better. I came home and took a nice nap and woke up at 11pm. Then from there I was up til 7 this morning, when i finally went to bed!

Now I am going to Verizon to gawk at phones again, while i try to choose between the BB storm and BB curve! Then Hibachi Express with my boo cuz I want sushi! I will post pics of my braids later!

Bye Lovies

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I have decided to do Cornrows instead of the individuals! I need to give my edges a break plus I am in a challenge on BHM and I need my hair out by the 31st! After I take out those cornrows, I will put the micros or inviduals in!

Also PJism back in full effect, I am ordering the Squeem on Friday as well as MT! I am really about to get on my weight loss and length retention grind! I will post pics this weekend of whatever I do with my hair

Monday, December 1, 2008

Decisions Decisions

I loooove my flat iron to death! I am close to APL but heat could throw me off track! I think i may have to do some box braids to help get me closer to my goal and also to get me to a comfortable length for bunning and other simpler protective styles! Plus with braids it is easier to apply my GAs when I chose to use them! I am so conflicted with what i wanna do and also it is a time consuming process!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a Lush

Ok guys! So I had a fun filled 3 days of! I already told you all bout Thanksgiving day/night activities! Yesterday I spent the day with my babe and then that night we went to one of my best friend's house and chilled with her and our other best friend. I took a gajillion drunken pics but here are a few! We played "are you smarter than a 5th grader" (as drunks, we weren't)! We had a great time! Then tonight I think we may hit up Applebee's for wings and a drink! Yea I'm a lush but who cares!
Back to hair! I am really seeing some good growth! I washed it and I am DCing as I type with Silk elements Moisture DC mixed with some other goodies! I will post pics later

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hi All

So I had a great Thanksgiving! I ate at my family's house then at my bf's family's house, and honestly it was a lot of fun! Then after 8 hours of eating and spending time with our families, we went out to a friends house and partied and played on the wii and played drinking games and had a great time!

Normally I'd be out shopping today but this year has been financial hell and I just couldnt see myself out there in the madness!

I will update later with some good stuff

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bey Bey Beyonce

OMG I know I was leery about purchasing her CD, but I am glad I have it now! I am in love with it. Granted there are some songs I could go without, as with most CDs, in general I am feeling her new style!
I got a full dose of Bey today, on top of blasting her CD all day. She was a guest on the Tyra show today and I was pleasantly surprised she seemed more personable! Then my lovely cousin, the creator of, gave me more Bey by posting the video of her on the Ellen show! She is more open in intervews, more playful, and finally claiming her man! I am really feeling Bey right now!

Turkey Day

These are the dishes I will be preparing tomorrow! I have a busy day ahead of me! I am going to my grandmother's house for dinner, then to my baby's aunts house for more dinner! I just got don ecutting up the greens and yams to help lighten the load for the morning cooking! I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion...even freaking better. VH1 could take a few tips from how to host one! Little Lisa has heart, she chumped Kym like no other!

Keyshia Cole....good show but ditch Frankie, cause she's acting like dead weight! And damn BET for all those damn commercials all the time!

Law n Order SVU...lawd after all these years I am still hooked, and my how the plot thickens!

Tonight is Private Practice, which is a greaaaaaaaaaaaat show, and I can't wait to see it!

**There are more things to talk about when it comes to TV cuz boy o boy do I love it! I have DVR and I record it all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My hair is dry!

Ok so my hair is really not feeling the cold weather so tonight I whipped up a overnite DC which consisted of:
cholesterol, honey, aussie moist, evoo!

I will let you lovely ladies know how it turns out!

My hair doesnt seem to stay moist when i airdry with the flexi rods so i will revert to incorporating some form of direct heat in my hair til I figure things out!

I will air dry 100% then flat iron or airdry 80% then blowdry and moisturize! We will see how this goes

hair updates

flexi set
the back of the quick updo look

quick updo (i used 4 flexi rods in the front and bunned the back)

after my 1st rollerset


Hey lovies!
Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I was on time constraints some days and then had an internet issue the other days!

My weekend was great. I went to visit my bff and her hubby and their son (my god child)! My bf had a minor surgery done to his eye but he is okay! My godson is amazing and smart and cute and loving and oooh how his aunty (me) loves to spoil him! So after my little angel went to bed, my bf and our 2 friends stayed up and had drinks and grow folks convo and just a lot of fun!

As for my hair, I did another flexi rod set and this time it turned out even better! I bought some DCs at Sallys and a new shower comb! I will make a new post full of pictures in a second!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok ya'll I am a big Beyonce fan...CD releases tomorrow! Go get it!

I am really feeling Rihanna these days! I have always liked her but I suddenly feel like she is so much like me! I love her style, the tattoos, her piercings, etc...its funky n fresh and original!

I am feeling the urge to get a new tattoo! I plan on starting my daily workout back in the gym now that it is cold! I want to lose 15lbs by january 1st and then I will get some new ink!

Ok well back on topic! I am doin an overnight prepoo! First rollerset tomorrow and I am excited! I will definitely post pics

OMG and random chat

So I had plans of updating last night when I got home from work....well my laptop wouldn't turn on!!!!!! WTF I was like oh hell no....well turns out I had to buy a new adapter!

Either way, I am back in business! I love the flexirod look but damn it they don't last overnite unless u redo them constantly! Grrrrrrrr so I will try to rock this look over the weekends only!

Tomorrow is my wash day and I am super excited! I think I may try the rollerset look!

For those of you that watch Desperate Housewives....WOW the plot thickens!

***I am the ultimate tv whore so any show you like, chances are I watch it!***

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Over

I had a great night with my hunny last night! It was just what we needed to keep things in perspective. Unfortunately I have to work today and so my weekend has officially ended! My curls were punished from all of our fun last night and the rain so I have some flexis in now to preserve the look til my next wash day!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Love to have fun

Ok so I had plans tonight but it got washed out....

so I decided to get some crab legs and drinks and party with my baby!
crab legs, tequila, bacardi, watever......we kno how to have fun regardless....Lata Lovies...enjoy ur night

How do you let go?

No matter how old you are or what kind of person you are, it is guaranteed that many people have come and gone in your life. Some by choice, some by death, some you regret, some still on your mind. Well today I wonder how you let go.

Today is my ex-best friend's birthday! We met my freshman year in college and became inseperable. She introduced me to my current best friend, who happens to be her cousin. We did everything together and I felt like she knew me better than anyone. She got a boyfriend and didn't know how to handle still being a friend to me so I moved on. We made up a few months later and things fell back on track. We lived in the same house at that point and had some of the same classes. She started slacking in school and lying to her parents and expected me to lie to them too. At that point I was focused on school and had just met my current boyfriend and I couldn't go on pretending everything was okay. The final straw was the night we went to a party and got drunk and she left me to walk home alone for some random dude and one of her little cousins who she doesnt like. I was drunk and so was she and we had a huge blowout. We stopped talking and I moved out. She knew she could call me when she needed to and I the same but bff's wasn't what we were at the time. She moved on and found new bffs and I felt hurt and just angry b/c I saw what she was becoming. She was pining after a man who didn't want her, friends with girls she said she didn't like since I have known her, drinking all the time, lying aobut still being enrolled in college and her parents were oblivious to it. I called her one day just to talkk and we decided to meet up for dinner. We made up and started talking on the regular again, but not like before. She invited me to a house party with her new bffs and I went along with my bf and my bff (her cousin). We had a great time and things seemed to be going okay.

One day a few weeks later she got really sick and she needed money for a prescription, $150 to be exact. Although we weren't that close anymore I still had mad love for her and to help keep her healthy, I lent her the money because at the time I had it. She promised to give it back in 2 weeks and I took her word for it!

Well needless to say, she lied. I tried calling her after that and suddenly she had no phone. I found out 3 weeks later she got into a motorcycle accident (riding iwht some fool she didn't know) and suffered really bad burns to her leg. I called her friend to get in touch with her and basically let her know if something like this happened she should have called me, I would've been there for her. Anyway, after that she stayed MIA and I neer saw her or my money again. There is a lot of drama in between there but that is the end result.

Today is her birthday and there is a part of me that will always love her and one day I actually cried b/c I felt bad about how things turned out and my hubby told me not to b/c in the end she wasn't a real friend, but still it is hard.

So anyway, this all brings me to the question...
How do you let go of a loved one? Do you have to let go? Is it normal to always care?

*Happy Birthday Chica* if you happen to read this! I still have love for you but you can never undo what you have done.

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Style. Heat Break

My lovely hair friends on BHM advised me that although I want to wash 2x a week I definitely shouldn't be using my blow dryer and flat iron as much. Now although I already knew this, I haaaate sitting under a dryer. Anywho, today I decided to give flexi rods a try and see how I liked the style! So far I like it. It is kinda tight (the curls) right now but I hope they will loosen up by tomorrow. I will rock this style til my next wash day, Tuesday, and I will most likely do a rollerset and rock the straight look!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Forgive and Forget

So we have all heard the phrase "forgive and forget," sounds simple right? Well, in my personal experience, it is easy to forgive but not to forget. It is to be expected that a person will never forget what has happened, but some people can't even learn to forgive.

I have forgiven many people in my life for various reasons, but I have never forgotten how they have wronged me. My biggest flaw though, is not only do I not forget, sometimes I do not let go of the issue and the pain that came along with it. In relationships, this flaw can be dangerous, whether it be a friend or lover.

Today I had a huge fight with my boyfriend and I brought up an issue from our past that should have been "dead." We had been over it a million times and I forgave him for what happened and promised we wouldn't go through this again, but in a moment of anger I just couldn't leave it alone. When I saw the pain and anger in his face, I felt such a sense of guilt. We talked things out and everything is okay but I learned that in order to truly move forward in life, the past must stay in the past.

When you say you forgive someone, mean it. It doesn't mean you forget what happened, but you should just learn from it and move forward.

Just wanted to share my little bit of wisdom....Lata Lovies!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my hair obsession!

So as you can see normally I wear my hair down and i love it, but my hair is at a fragile length now. I have a few factors against me right now that can keep me from attaining my goal of APL (arm pit length) by March:
1. It is cold out and I have to keep my ends, the oldest part of the hair, more moisturized
2. Due to the cold I am forcedd to wear a jacket, one of which is a peacoat which can eat away at my nape and cause my ends to break! For that i wear a scarf!
3. The amount of heat I use in my usual regimen can deter my growth!
I will be trying a new heat free regimen this weekend, curls with perm rods! Also I will try to wear my hair in updo styles more often, like pictured above!
I will post pics of any new styles I try!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Losing wieght is so hard sometimes. I lost 5 lbs but my weight keeps fluctuating! I need to be more consistent with my eating habits and with exercise! My hubby is into weight lifting and he eats so much, so needless to say losing weight is difficult! Oh well, I will just keep staying focused!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just Another Weekend

Hi everybody! So Friday and Saturday are my days off this week, and my how time flies! I relaxed my hair yesterday then chilled til about 10. Then I went to go see Saw V with my hubby and our 2 of our best friends. Surprisingly, my SO and his friend wanted to see it, while my bff and I just tagged along, but I ended up liking the movie! With an ending like it had, there will definitely be another Saw (and this one better be the last because they are overdoing it now).
Today, it is rainy out here. I took a little trip to Walmart and got some random goods, and of course I couldn't pass the hair and make-up aisles. I bought 2 Mascaras and 4 hair candies (2 claws and 2 headbands). I was trying to buy some NTM (Neutrogena triple Moisture) for a DC (deep condition) but my lovely boyfriend said I have too much hair stuff already and practically pushed me out of the aisle...LMAO! Anyway, I don't know what to do with my hair for the rest of the day other than keep it in a wrap in this scarf because it is rainy and I just feel like bumming it today! Maybe I will find something to do later tonight! BBL with pictures!

Friday, November 7, 2008


I finally got to relax my hair today!
I used Mizani Butter Blends Rhelaxer
for coarse/resistant hair.
So far so good!
I thoroughly based my scalp with summit
then applied the relaxer
Then I rinsed it out and sat for 5 minutes
w/aphogee 2 min reconstrutor in my hair
to help normalize the ph balance
Then I rinsed 3 times with a neutralizing poo
(let it sit 2-3 minutes before rinsing)
I deep conditioned with Elasta QP DPR-11
mixed with ORS replenish pak!
The above pic is my finished look! I sprayed my wet hait with aphogee green tea leave-in and elasta qp h-two then used a dime size amount of chi silk infusion. I let my hair air dry for 30 minutes then blow dried the rest! After that i flat iroed with my FHI and I love the result!
I definitely give the mizani 5 stars! My hair has body and bounce and feels oh so soft!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hair Love

I absolutely love this look on Raven!
If my hair has enough length, I would love to try this look!
Also I plan on getting my hair dyed again in the summer and this color is lovely!
Anyway, this is just some pretty hair I wanted to share with everyone!

The Master Cleanse!

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to do a cleanse. I wanted to rid my body of toxins, and it didn't hurt that I could drop a few pounds in the process!

Yesterday I went out and bought all the things I needed to start (pictured above), and began my cleanse! I will post my day-by-day experience with this cleanse!

11/5/08--I had about 4 glasses of lemonade for the day! The lemonade itself is pretty good but that added kick of cayenne pepper throws the taste off. On my way home from work, my insensitive boyfriend asked me to stop at McDonalds and get him some nuggets and fries! It was the ultimate test of will power not to eat a single item, or even just lick the salt off of one frie! LOL. Anyway, later that night I drank my lax tea, Smoothe Move. It was bland and tastely less but left my mouth with a dry, yuck feeling! My tummy felt upset so I went to bed

11/6/08--It is day 2 on the cleanse and I had to start my morning off with the tea. I don't feel hungry at all which is good! I am trying to focus on other things to keep my mind off of craving certain foods. Hopefully this will get easier each day!

**I may have to abort this madness! It more a matter of will power than actual hunger. All i smell all day is FOOD, all i think about is FOOD....geez feed me!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


OMG We have a BLACK president
I am so overwhelmed with emotion.
This man is an eloquent family man with values!
I am so pleased to announce that
our 44th president

Monday, November 3, 2008


this is my lovely FHI that just arrived. I will take pics after i use it on my hair which is currently 16 weeks post!
that is my hair while taking out the micros
So not that my hair is back out and free, i tend to fall into a PJ (product junkie) pattern!
Today i bought:
a headband
elasta QP oil recovery
a mint face scrub
a new shower comb

Sunday, November 2, 2008

OMG I'm excited

Ok guys....first off I am SICK...i have a cold and it is taking a toll on me. I stayed home from work today and I decided to finish taking out my braids with this extra day off! Also, even bigger news, my FHI arrives tomorrow. I have a regimen in place for tomorrow! I will prepoo with alma oil and aussie moist or VO5, then shampoo with suave clarifying poo and then aphogee deep moisture.... Followed by a deep condition with castor oil, 2 eggs, and elasta QP. Then I will do another mini DC with Roux porosity since I will be ending my 16 week stretch next weekend!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today's Hair Purchases!

Roux Porosity Control Corrector and Conditioner
-I will be adding this to my DC and using right after I relax my hair!
Elasta QP H-Two
-I have a lot of protein leave-ins but none for moisture so here goes one to try out
Random items
-pack of 30 shower caps for conditioning
-neutralizing shampoo
-stocking wave cap for my wraps
-latex gloves for my perm
-applicator brush
-summit for sensitive scalp (base for my relaxer)

A Few Random Things

First and is my baby cousin's birthday! She is now 13...lawd i am getting old! I have a special bond with her out of my many cousins b/c i have been around her since birth! I love her to death

Also, lately a few people I know have had relationship problems and that leaves me to wonder....
1. Is love always enough to keep it together?
2. Since we all know communication is key, why don't people in relationships communicate sometimes?
3. And lastly,a word of advice...we all trust our friends (if we truly call them friends), but somethings are meant to stay between you and your significant other only. Not because friends cannot be trusted, but only you and your SO know the FULL truth about th relationship. Sometimes the answers lie within you!

Next is a blah hair day...still in braids which I am now forced to wear in a bun because I took out the middle. LOL.

Off to do some errands...I will update more later

Friday, October 31, 2008

july 2008

This is my hair in july of 2008...growing in healthy. i was trimming often or there would have been more progress