Sunday, March 22, 2009

Don't be mad at me!

Ok lovies, once again I have to apologize for my absence!

Work---Work is fun and i love it but it is also stressful. My 10 week training, of which i have 3 more to go, is pass or fail so I have to stay focused. My commute to work is 40 minutes and so i have 10 hour days for the most part and by time I get home, I am just dead! Now, due to call volume, we will be actually answering calls on Mondays on mandatory overtime, 8-6, so with my commute i will be up by 6 and home by 7pm at the latest, so that is 13 hours!!!!! The pay is great so I'm fine with it all!

Home life---Things are great at home. I miss my boo with the longer days but he makes sure he is focused on me when I get home. He goes jogging with me at night so that is a good time as well!

Health---I am jogging again now that the daylight last longer! I am determined to shed these pounds. I am getting my lean cuisine back into my diet! I am focused and I plan to stay that way. My bf still has eye issues, but its stable for now til surgery time!

All in all, everything is ok and I am taking life day by day!


Chick Vision said...

Girl I wish I could just get back in to exercising too, food is just so much more important to me.

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

you go girl!!! your making moves in life!! nothing wrong with that!! :) take care!! ♥

Jmilz86 said...

@Chic Vision--Lol. Yes food is a big YES in my life!

Thanks mama! I am tryna keep things together! Keep focused in school!