Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tattoo for Mommy and Me

July 16, 2009 marked the 11 year anniversary of my mother's death. She was the most important person in my life and for a long time I just wanted something to express my eternal love for her and honor her memory.

On thursday 7-16-09, I got a tattoo on my thigh of a water lily aka lotus, (one of ) the flower for the month of july. At first I wasnt fond of getting it on my thigh bc it seemed like an inappropriate type spot, like maybe i'd put a boy toys name or something there, but due to the fact that i work in a professional environment, I have to becareful of where i place my body art.

The flower is the beginning of a piece that will be dedicated to those that I love. July is the month of my birth and the month of my mommys death so it was fitting, in december i will get the flower for the month of her birth, then in the future if I live for the passing of my grandmother and aunt/mom figure, i will honor them with their birth month flowers as well.

I love tattoos and i think that a flower is a great symbol of life and death and a beautiful way to show my love to the the ppl i love!


Alisso said...

** Thats a lovely idea! It looks really pretty too.. Are you getting it filled in? I almost forgot you blogged - good to see your doing well! **

Jmilz86 said...

Thank you! I may add more shading when I add the additional pieces to it!