Wednesday, December 10, 2008


*Hair Growth*
So my braids have been in for almost a week and already its loosening up! I used MTG for the first 4 days and now I am using the Mega Tek (I got it yesterday)! OMG it smells like coconuts and I love it! For now I am using it on my edges and short spot on the right, but tomorrow night I will wash my hair with diluted clarifying shampoo and DC and then I will start using MT all over!

*Personal Growth*
My dad and I are not the closest we should be! It bothers me for the most part, but honestlynot as much as it should. My father was always in the picture, not physically but I could call if I needed to, etc. He has made many mistakes as a father and has handled critical situations poorly, and for that he has permanently scarred our relationship! I love him but I resent him. I want our relationship to be better, but at the same time I kind of wish I could just sever the ties and grow as a woman without dealing with him!
Anyway, today after a convo with a close friends of his, I was given insight on certain things about my father, that I suppose the person thought would make me see things clearer. Well, instead it gave me more reason to just feel sorry for him! I feel sad that he missed out on so many important parts of my life, and I feel sorry for him that he will neer be able to make up for it! I think once we get a chance to sit down and discuss everything and put everything on the table, we can become closer! Who knows....maybe one day

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