Monday, December 15, 2008

Piercings and Tatt Love

Ok ya'll, for those of you that know me personally, you know i love piercings and tatts! I currently have 12 piercings, all of which i love, and 1 tattoo! I want to get atleast 4 more tattoos but all in due time. I want one on my foot, behind my ear, top of back, possibly add more to the one on my back, and one on my hip. I think that would be enough but who knows! I am unsure of what I want to get yet tho so I am waiting!

As for my ear, I will be getting my tragus pierced Friday or Saturday! I have wanted this done for ome time now but just haven't been yet! Well whenever I get the urge to pierce, I do it! For some reason a piercing has always been my way to deal with stress or symbolize a new start. For every piercing I have, other than the 1st ones i got as an infant, it marked a specific time in my life! Other than my tragus, I want possibly my rook and/or snug pierced but I havent decided yet!

Just wanted to share this with ya'll


KoLoRfUlxKiD said...

that sounds cool good luck

Jmilz86 said...


Mista Jaycee said...

I got my nipples pierced a few years ago, my wife digs it still and my tat is cool but I will caution you, Tats and piercings can mess with you in the career market and when you want to wear that strapless to the company xmas party. Dig? Remember when you 20 they look cool cause the bods tight and young but at 40 gravity will have its way with all of us.
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Jmilz86 said...

I feel you...but i can take em out at anytime and they are only seen when i want them to be seen! This is my second time getting it done and after i took it out, it closed within a few days

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

omg i want my tragus (*sp??*) sooo bad too!! i just have a low tolerance for have to tell me how it goes! im def considering oh and do you have a tounge piercing? i want that too just scared of the pain..

Jmilz86 said...

LOL...ok girlie! I am getting my tragus done tomorrow and I will post pics! I do hae my tongue pierced and it honestly didnt hurt that bad...i was eating wendys 15 minutes later!