Sunday, December 14, 2008


So I am totally obsessed with the Blackberry Storm. I bought my baby one for Christmas and it came a few days ago! I love it and I always try to pay with it but that fool got stingy now and tryna act all saddidy about his new found girlfriend! LMAO men!

My hair is doing well! I am applying MT and thinking about continuing using MTG in conjuction with it! I want to be APL by March so I am upping the anty! I am taking these braids out around Christmas so I will post pics of the growth!


Athena Christine. said...

I want one. but i fucks with sprint. ;/

Anonymous said...

GIRL ME TOO...If I could, I'd marry that phone!!!:)

"....AND I know pro'nouce you man and phone....You may now kiss the phone...":)

Jmilz86 said...

Thean...F*&$ sprint...theya re the cell phone devil! I am so through them! I divorced them for Verizon and now i know tru love! LMAO

Reggie @ LMAO...there is no way i would i let him marry that phone before i get my damn ring! But yes the phone is the truth