Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grrrr Freaking Life

So my laptop has been acting dunb all week, hence only a few posts!

My baby got to working and fixed it for me yesterday, which I must say was the worst Friday i have had in a very long time. Ok, so I am being dramatic, it wasn't that bad but it just didn't go as planned.

I took off work on thurday to do my hair, so that friday and saturday (my days off) would be free. Last week I noticed my rear brake was making a weird noise, and I don't play with car issues, so I scheduled my appointment at the dealership for and oil change and for them to inspect the brakes. I waited and waited and when they were done, they told me I needed new brake pad and rotor, etc and the grand total would be a whopping $435.00! Face froze, mouth dropped, brain started racking! I left and went to the place I get my tires changed, b/c my dealership is entirely too expensive, and they said they could fix it in about 2 hours for $250. I didn't wanna part with the dollars but oh well! I have to look out for my safety.

While I waited I went to lunch with my hubster and my bestie! We talked had a good laugh and things were starting to look up. Then we went to pick up my car and I thought the day was over!

Suddenly I remembered I needed to go to philly and pick up my honey's eye meds and get something from my dad. Now, let me expain something...I loe my dad but our relationship is not the best! The trust isn't there, the feeling of unconditional love one should have for a parent isn't as unconditional as it should me, and his side of the family are people that I know of but don't particularly care for.

When I got to his mother's house, I don't cal her grandma, he wasn't there. We went inside and chatted briefly but the ackward silence was there. Then instead of my dad showing up his brother came to drop off what I was getting. After he gave me the pretentious hug and kiss, he proceeded to say his usual, that I only stop by for something from my dad but never to visit! Normally I ginore him and let his slick talking slide but today i was working on less than 2 hours of sleep and I was pre-pmsing and just not in the mood, so we got into it and he huffed off and I just left. I live 45 minutes away from them, they were in my life when I was born til about age 5 then not again til I was like 14-16ish. I harbor alot of resentment towards them and most ties I fake like I like them and don't half the things I know but yesterday, I had to set him straight! Oh well, I'm usually not argumenttative with family but I don't really consider him family and he desered it. As soon as my baby and I left, got in the car, he said "baby, i knew that was coming."

So now that is over, and I feel better. I came home and took a nice nap and woke up at 11pm. Then from there I was up til 7 this morning, when i finally went to bed!

Now I am going to Verizon to gawk at phones again, while i try to choose between the BB storm and BB curve! Then Hibachi Express with my boo cuz I want sushi! I will post pics of my braids later!

Bye Lovies


Anonymous said...


You have a mean "swag"...LOL:)

Jmilz86 said...

Lmao! Thanks I hope