Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Few Random Things

First and is my baby cousin's birthday! She is now 13...lawd i am getting old! I have a special bond with her out of my many cousins b/c i have been around her since birth! I love her to death

Also, lately a few people I know have had relationship problems and that leaves me to wonder....
1. Is love always enough to keep it together?
2. Since we all know communication is key, why don't people in relationships communicate sometimes?
3. And lastly,a word of advice...we all trust our friends (if we truly call them friends), but somethings are meant to stay between you and your significant other only. Not because friends cannot be trusted, but only you and your SO know the FULL truth about th relationship. Sometimes the answers lie within you!

Next is a blah hair day...still in braids which I am now forced to wear in a bun because I took out the middle. LOL.

Off to do some errands...I will update more later

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