Monday, November 24, 2008


Hey lovies!
Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I was on time constraints some days and then had an internet issue the other days!

My weekend was great. I went to visit my bff and her hubby and their son (my god child)! My bf had a minor surgery done to his eye but he is okay! My godson is amazing and smart and cute and loving and oooh how his aunty (me) loves to spoil him! So after my little angel went to bed, my bf and our 2 friends stayed up and had drinks and grow folks convo and just a lot of fun!

As for my hair, I did another flexi rod set and this time it turned out even better! I bought some DCs at Sallys and a new shower comb! I will make a new post full of pictures in a second!


Jessica said...

glad to hear he's okay Jam!

Jmilz86 said...

Yes indeedy love, all is well!