Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just Another Weekend

Hi everybody! So Friday and Saturday are my days off this week, and my how time flies! I relaxed my hair yesterday then chilled til about 10. Then I went to go see Saw V with my hubby and our 2 of our best friends. Surprisingly, my SO and his friend wanted to see it, while my bff and I just tagged along, but I ended up liking the movie! With an ending like it had, there will definitely be another Saw (and this one better be the last because they are overdoing it now).
Today, it is rainy out here. I took a little trip to Walmart and got some random goods, and of course I couldn't pass the hair and make-up aisles. I bought 2 Mascaras and 4 hair candies (2 claws and 2 headbands). I was trying to buy some NTM (Neutrogena triple Moisture) for a DC (deep condition) but my lovely boyfriend said I have too much hair stuff already and practically pushed me out of the aisle...LMAO! Anyway, I don't know what to do with my hair for the rest of the day other than keep it in a wrap in this scarf because it is rainy and I just feel like bumming it today! Maybe I will find something to do later tonight! BBL with pictures!

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