Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Master Cleanse!

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to do a cleanse. I wanted to rid my body of toxins, and it didn't hurt that I could drop a few pounds in the process!

Yesterday I went out and bought all the things I needed to start (pictured above), and began my cleanse! I will post my day-by-day experience with this cleanse!

11/5/08--I had about 4 glasses of lemonade for the day! The lemonade itself is pretty good but that added kick of cayenne pepper throws the taste off. On my way home from work, my insensitive boyfriend asked me to stop at McDonalds and get him some nuggets and fries! It was the ultimate test of will power not to eat a single item, or even just lick the salt off of one frie! LOL. Anyway, later that night I drank my lax tea, Smoothe Move. It was bland and tastely less but left my mouth with a dry, yuck feeling! My tummy felt upset so I went to bed

11/6/08--It is day 2 on the cleanse and I had to start my morning off with the tea. I don't feel hungry at all which is good! I am trying to focus on other things to keep my mind off of craving certain foods. Hopefully this will get easier each day!

**I may have to abort this madness! It more a matter of will power than actual hunger. All i smell all day is FOOD, all i think about is FOOD....geez feed me!

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