Friday, January 30, 2009

Mini Haul Today

Hey hey ladies!

Today I made a few purchases!

First, I went to Old Navy! I bought my god son a bunch of outfits for his b-day (Monday) and I got myself some cute lounge pants to work out in!

Then, off to MAC! The girl who did the looks I requested wasn't really that good so I didn't buy any of the eye shadows she tried on me, but I did buy a new bottle of Sutdio Fix in NW47 (i was running low), a new blush that can double as an eye shadow (I will post pics later of the color) , and a brow liner that I will be returning b/c the chances of me using it are slim to none but I figured I would get it b/c she tried so hard!

Lastly, I bought a new product by got2b called Guardian Angel 425 degrees F heat protect and flatten! I will try this tonight after I wash my hair and post results for you all!

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